Weekend for the whole family
A leap in quality for our family

In these difficult and delicate times, it seems that the family is losing consistency - so that we speak of "liquid love" of precarious and temporary affections - we all need to pause to rediscover the resources of the sound present in each of us and in the family, which we are unable to see.
We all belong to a family and making a full part of it means living in a dimension of the relationship, affection, warmth, and genuine good. When you are enraptured by everything outside the walls of your home, you focus on something else, or you close in on yourself. You risk moving away and living each one on your own, you risk getting lost a little. 'of sight; but all in the bottom of our hearts, we want to feel good in the family, feel loved and live in a relaxed and serene atmosphere.
We work a lot, often both parents, so that our children don't miss anything. We do everything so that our children have a thousand opportunities, so we run from one part of the city to the other to accompany them and fetch them from various activities. In the meantime, we try to organize our daily family life. Despite our efforts, we try to arrange holidays and memorable moments to spend all together, trying to find a time of serenity.

famigliaOkInternoItalian Marriage Encounter offers you the occasion to "stop" this race living a family weekend, an experience in which all the family sit around a table have the opportunity to become aware of one's own essence and the uniqueness of each of the respective members. Urged by two other families and a priest or religious, you'll have the opportunity to become aware of one's own essence and each of the respective members' uniqueness.

This is an experience in which time seems to stand. It is possible to look into each other's eyes and say and hear from the other members of your family, things that you think and believes you know, but which perhaps you never had the way, the opportunity and time to tell each other.
Among the various weekend activities, parents seem to be children again, and the children have the opportunity to demonstrate their maturity.
So, nothing can be the same, and even everyday things can take on a different meaning .... You feel even more family, and it will likely become more comfortable to say: "I love you" ... A so many of us happened just like that.

Why participate?
A «family size» weekend. Rediscover, the taste of love lived between generations. Yes, let's give ourselves a gift. It can be simple, like Columbus's egg. It is helping parents and children to improve relationships and the way of living together. Marriage Encounter's weekend allows you to spend two whole days immersed in family activities, with a language and an approach suitable for all ages. It is a precious time to dedicate and live together - father, mother, children - to experience a form of communication-based on feelings, supported by dialogue to make unity grow between different generations.

Who can participate?
It is an experience offered to families with children (from the age of seven, because you need to know at least to read and write) who intend to improve their relationships in everyday life.